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There are shops everywhere, with the main shopping streets being Arkadiou St., Ethnikis Antistaseos St. and P. Kountourioti Ave. Business hours are from 8.30am to 2pm for Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, while on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the afternoon as well, from 5.30pm to 8.30pm. July, together with January, are the months of sales. Supermarkets operate Monday to Saturday from 8am till 8.30pm. Souvenir shops and agencies stay open all day till late in the night, even on Sundays. There are many different banks working from 8.30am to about 2pm, from Monday to Friday. The food and flea market takes place every Thursday at P. Kountourioti Ave., opposite the Municipal Garden. Kiosks sell things of basic need, like cigarettes, refreshments, biscuits, shampoos, aspirins, pens and so on, with some staying open for 24 hours.

Food, events and entertainment in Rethymno town

Because of the tourism and the about 4000 students of the university, there is a great number of restaurants and cafes in Rehymno. During the tourist period restaurants stay open from the morning for breakfast, till early in the next morning and can be found almost everywhere: along the beach and the promenade, near hotels, inside the old town, or at the suburbs of Rethymno. The same is with take away food: souvlaki stalls and sandwich places.

Three main events are organised by the town every year. The Renaissance festival, from July till the beginning of September, with several exhibitions and performances of theatre and music by Greek and foreign artists or companies, the Carnival that takes place in the last Sunday before Lent, with a parade of decorated trucks and costumed groups and The Wine Festival, in July or August, inside the Municipal Garden, with free wine and Greek or folk Cretan concerts and dances.

There are lots of cafes and pubs, open all day, with outdoor tables, along the beach and the promenade, near Rimondi fountain and opposite the port. At the same areas, clubs and a number of places with live Greek or Cretan music ask for dancing till early in the morning. Greek people are used to go out after 23.00 and many after 01.00. First stop is at a cafe, or small restaurant, clubs get busy after 02.00. Winter nightlife in Rethymno is mainly concentrated in the area around the Rimondi fountain to the Venetian harbour and opposite the port. During the summer, larger open bars and clubs get busy, 5km to the east, among the big hotels.

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Last revised: 06 May 2009